Innokentiy Ludevig-Chernetskiy


Film director, anthropologist, musician and multi-media artist. Creator of INNOKINO media laboratory and NACHALO music community. He explores a diverse field of interests (anthropology, music, sound research, cinema and poetry) in his media projects, art spaces, a workshop based in Sevkabel Port, and through various outdoor research projects. The documentary Pandu Bhaya (2020), which took seven years to film in India, won nine international film festival awards in 2020–2021. As part of his sound-art research, Innokentiy creates improvisational collaborations and organizes educational programs and sound-immersion experiences. An important part of his work is providing opportunities for people with special needs to express themselves through the sounds of the cello.

St. Petersburg Lab St. Petersburg Lab


Cello soundscape Cello soundscape Performance on the shores of Lake Ladoga Performance on the shores of Lake Ladoga